Cristiano Breuel

AI/ML Engineer, Technical Leader


Talks and Interviews

Building a Fintech on ML [en] Meetup #18

June 2020

O que é MLOps? [pt-BR]

Datafest Campinas

December 2019




SPLAT '07: Proceedings of the 5th workshop on Software engineering properties of languages and aspect technologies, March 2007, Pages 3–es

Journal of Object Technology, vol. 7, no. 9, Special Issue: SPLAT, December 2008, pages 5-24


A method for assigning locations to persons of a group of persons may include determining, for each person in the group, a number of communications between the person and each other person in the group. A plurality of reservations from reserving persons of the group may be received. A first force-directed graph having a node for each reserving person may be generated. The generating of the graph may include establishing an edge between one or more pairs of reserving persons, and assigning a first weight to the one or more edges that is derived from the number of communications between respective pairs of reserving persons. Each reserving person may be assigned to a location in the area using the first force-directed graph. A resource for a location not assigned to a reserving person may be controlled based on the assigning of reserving persons to locations.